Zoe The Clam

Zoe the Clam


Zoe the Clam; zoe the clam goes to school; la almeja zoe

Zoe the Clam is the aquatic story of Zoe, a shy clam who is bullied for being unlike the other fish of the sea. One day when the meanest and mightiest fish taunted and teased Zoe for being different, Zoe showed them how extraordinary she really is.

ISBN-13: 978-1-952081-81-1

When we first met Zoe, she was a timid and lonely clam who when teased by several bully fish, showed them all how powerful she actually was.

In Zoe the Clam Goes to School, Zoe and her new friends work together to overcome one of the mightiest of the sea.

ISBN-13: 978-1-961498-08-2

La almeja Zoe es la historia acuática de Zoe, una almeja tímida que es víctima de bullying por no

ser como los otros animales del mar. Un día, los más malvados y poderosos del mar se burlan de

Zoe por ser diferente, y Zoe les muestra lo extraordinaria que es.

ISBN-13: 978-1-952081-99-6

About the Author

Carthornia Kouroupos was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, with family roots from Eatonton Georgia. She moved to southern New Jersey in 1987 with her 3 children and husband of 38 years. She is an English Professor at Rowan College South Jersey and has a M.A. in the Writing Arts from Rowan University. She writes children’s stories, essays, poetry, fiction, and non fiction. This is her first published children’s book with many more lined up to follow. This book was inspired by the relentless bullying her granddaughter, Alexis “Zoe” Kouroupos, endured from kindergarten through middle school for being different.

Today, in high school, Zoe shines brightly and is experiencing more friends than she can handle.

Carthornia can be contacted at: zoetheclam@gmail.com